Y.E.S. Education

Youth Entreprenuer Success Nonprofit

a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit - EIN 84-2458135

Leaving a Smaller Footprint while Growing a Caring Heart

Here are some of the projects our passionate team are working on for the greater good:

We are currently planning an experiment between 10 different garden towers, each with a unique growing system or combination: Aquaponics, Soil, Aeroponics, Air Injection, Hydroponics.

For the past 10 years our Computer Repair Club has repaired hundreds of broken computers and donated them to students who need them for credit recovery and to do their homework. Our students have learned valuable computer repair skills in the process and have landed excellent IT jobs as a result of their dedicated volunteer work.

We are exploring alternatives to paying expensive mortgages and rent and tying them with sustainable and affordable housing and food security solutions.

We are tying garden towers with technology that will allow one to monitor and control their garden tower from a phone app.

We would like to add vertical food gardens to surround the walls of tiny homes and inside UHaul trucks that we are designing. Clicking on the above link will explain how to assemble a vertical garden.

We would like to inspire young people to learn how green living can both help their both their health and wealth! Surthrival!

Our goal is to make sure every child living in Oahu's Ko'olauloa District has a chromebook to do their homework or to participate in virtual learning. You can help us by donating to donorschoose.org!

Each year, our Green Team participates in a recycling event at Kahuku High & Intermediate School sponsored by Kokua Hawaii Foundation to divert trash from landfills.

We help youth with mentoring, financial literacy, after-school programs, communication, conflict resolution, leadership, career readiness, job skills, mock interviews, professional dress, resume writing.

The CNC Robot Farm is a research project that aims to understand how growing crops through automation can maximize the quality and availability of fresh organic produce within a family yard or room.

The cost of rent and mortgages are getting out of hand. What alternatives are out there?

Is it possible to have a high quality of life with fewer possessions? How do you measure happiness?

Helping the needs of community and schools is a rewarding experience. Watch how our high school computer repair club has benefited the community while benefiting the volunteers themselves.

One of our former students did his capstone project to help the disabled eat their meals with arduino powered chopsticks! Only a teenager, his ideas and persistence are already making an impact!

A work exchange, also known as work travel or voluntourism, is a type of travel where you exchange your time, life skills and abilities for accommodation. Rethink tourism!

Here is a sample business that students visit in Hawai'i to learn about marketing and entrepreneurism.

Here are some suggestions from a guy, now in his 94th year, who expects to live until he is 100 and do so joyfully and in good health to the end. These suggestions certainly will not work for everyone, but perhaps they might help you live longer, who knows?

Aquaponics is excellent means of demonstrating many principles of science, agriculture, math and business in all grade levels. Applications of these technologies are only limited by ones imagination.

Transform an area on a campus that is covered with invasive weeds and transform it into a an edible garden that can be used to grow mai`a (a native banana plant) for students that cannot afford to buy a cafeteria lunch.

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Even though we are based in Hawai'i, our projects can be done anywhere in the world.

Please help our projects get some traction by volunteering, collaborating, or making a donation. Thank you!