Hopefully K-12 schools can adapt this idea to get chromebooks to every students in a school, especially during this hectic time of remote learning.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” -Charles Dickens

Give Me Fives

KHIS student Chromebook laptop fundraiser

Students need at least 15 Chromebook laptops in each of KHIS’ 100 classrooms every 5 years


If one person elected not to purchase a $5 medium-sized soda from a movie theater, that $5 could transformed into a $15 donation that would go towards purchasing much needed $150 chromebook laptop computers for each of 100 KHIS classrooms. As an alternative, a community member could instead collect and donate 100 plastic or aluminum bottles for $5 from Reynolds Recycling). The $5 would be matched with an additional $10 dollar donation from donorschoose.org turning a $5 donation into $15). A donation will help KHIS students access technology and help transform the school with 21s Century Classrooms. Once a person has donated $5, please encourage them to have at least 2 family members, friends, alumni (add their graduation year if possible) to do the same or make the donation on their behalf (if they have passed on or if the person is under 13 years old).

Replace one $5 Movie Soda x 20,000 Ko’olauloa residents = $100,000

$100,000 + $200,000 in donorschoose.org matching funds = $300,000

1 Chromebook laptop computer costs $200

$300,000 / $200 = 1,500 Chromebooks for KHIS students!

Do the fundraiser one teacher at a time, after each teach has written a one page plan on how they plan to use the laptops and be willing to receive 3 hours of Chromebook and google training.

Ask Hawaii DOE to purchase 50 Chromebook carts to secure laptops at $2,000 each for 50 classrooms $100,000

A donor is not just helping 100 students in one classroom (there is an average of 20 students in 5 periods). Since Chromebooks should last 5 years, your $5 donation will actually go towards helping 500 students in each classroom.

There is also an effort to help each student create a digital portfolio that would include their required ‘Personal Transition Plan’ and sample of their best work from each grade level (7th to 12th grades).

Our Goal: Provide at least 15 Chromebooks for each of the 100 classrooms at KHIS every 5 years.

Desired Outcome: Insuring that each child has access to a Chromebooks at KHIS is evidence that our community cares about their personal success and supports their college and career readiness. We can focus on helping just one teacher/classroom at a time so we don’t have to wait for $300,000 funding to be released. We just go for a donation of $2,300 at a time through donorschoose.org. One KHIS teacher was recently funded for 11 Chromebooks within 24 hours.

The cost of a Chromebook laptop is $170 plus $30 for google for a education activation key = $200. Shipping through donorschoose.org is free. donorschoose.org does not issue a check. Once the donations reach a goal, they simply mail the Chromebooks through usps.com directly to the school. No other paperwork is required. Donors will receive a digital receipt of their donation if they would like to claim their donation as a tax deduction.

Total Cost: $200 x 1,500 Chromebooks = $300,000 (1,500 Chromebooks would be a 1:1 rollout of laptops to KHIS’ current enrollment of about 1,450 students.

$5 from the 20,000 Ko’olauloa district residents = $100,000 (the $5 dollar bills or 100 bottles of bottles and cans could be collected by the JROTC and SBG students in front of the office each morning from 7:20-7:55am for a period of 2 weeks. Other students can hold posters of KEAC.org website where links to all 100 teacher donation pages will be posted. This will allow donors to pay by credit or debit card and will allow them to choose the teacher who will receive their $5 donation). Get a Pizza Hut Fundraising card that will raise $5 for every card sold. (bearer gets 2 for 1 special for 1 year). pizzahuthawaii.com/Fundraising.aspx

Enlist the help of KHIS alumni, booster club, PTSO, KEAC, SCC to get the word out. Host a competition to see which graduating class can raise the most $5 pledges.

$100,000 in Individual donations could = $300,000 with matching $200,000 donorchoose.org sponsors (P.G. Allen Family Foundation, Spark, others). Corporate matches are usually up to $500 individual donations. Chevron, code.org, others may provide some funding)

5 reasons new Chromebooks benefit students:

Access to google classroom (all subjects and homework)

Digital portfolio/Personal Transition Plan/Infinity portfolio

AVID integration and expansion (here is a sample AVID classroom WITHOUT computers)

Preparation for college and career

Scholarship writing, resume writing, essay writing

5 reasons new Chromebooks benefit teachers:

Virtual Reality - geography, history

Helps teacher enrich lesson plans

Remote learning

Flipped classroom

5 reasons new Chromebooks benefit school:

Uses less paper, less impact on environment

Easier to manage inventory, usage, prevent theft, maintain OS and apps

Tie in sponsored Powerball and Academic Poster promotions

Reduces cost of textbooks

Process of fundraising:

create donorschoose.org pitch (text, photo, video) for one teacher

once one teacher’s goal is reached, create another one for a different teacher

put link on facebook with an introduction (text, photo, video) for each teacher

(include coupon code for additional match)

promote accomplishments of teacher and their students

promote their goals

promote their effort to prepare students for college and career

include students quotes/reflections

what does it mean to be a 21st Century Learner/What are the 4 C’s?

submit to facebook groups

email campaign to targeted, segmented individuals (verticalresponse.com)

Finding matching funders in our community

Ideas for ‘Give Me Fives’ promotion:

Community giving high fives to teachers and students while holding a Chromebook

5 C’s of Learning:

Communication - Sharing thoughts, questions, ideas, and solutions

Collaboration - Working together to reach a goal — putting talent, expertise, and smarts to work

Critical Thinking & Problem-solving - Looking at problems in a new way, linking learning across subjects & disciplines

Creativity - Trying new approaches to get things done equals innovation & invention

Computing & Information and Communications Technology Fluency Effective Use of Electronic Information & Knowledge Tools


See if Ko’olauloa food vendors will give discounts to offset the cost of $5 sodas. Each food vendor would have a card that provides instructions on how to donate. Perhaps each vendor has a specific “Buy 4, Get 5th item free”. A short URL link that shows all teachers on one web page. A donor would pick the teacher based on the subject taught. Teachers that have reached their goal will have their status checked off as ‘goal reached’. Each teacher will have their profile on the page.

Have a contest to see which teacher could have their project funded the fastest. Have different alumni groups sponsor different teachers. List the donation amount given by each class.

Show link for donors on how to create a pdf of their donation for their taxes.

Include testimonials of donors. Why they donated. Post on facebook page. Need photo and video release documents signed.

Include testimonials of students and teachers. Have them explain how they are using the Chromebooks to help them prepare for college and a career. Need photo and video release documents signed.

Align 5 groups - students, parents, teachers, community, donors

5 critical measures of student success - gpa, act/sat scores, more students going to college, less referrals, improved attendance

List all of the donors’ names on the back of the computer and on the kahukuhigh.org’s donor page.

Each $5 donor will receive a special Ko’olauloa discount ID card. Put a QR code on each card of a unique number for prize drawing from vendors based on donor gift preferences that were filled out on a google form.

Host a party at PCC Marketplace, Kualoa Ranch, Kahuku Farms, Turtle Bay Resort for all $5 donors. Different colored access pass for amount of donations. A $100 donation would actually purchase a Chromebook laptop because of the matching donation. Use Turtle Bay Resort Surfer media center to conduct and film fundraiser, content for facebook page.

Other strategies:



Chromebooks in the Classroom grants:


Federal Grants:




A sample Chromebook application:


How to get technology grants for your school:



e-Rate Technology Plan:


e-Rate Technology Plan Evaluation


Chromebooks in the Classroom (training):


eSchool Grants





Create kahukuhigh.org page for methods of fundraising for the school

Use smile.amazon.com (KEAC) link for shoppers

Chromebook fundraiser

Put hardware and software tracking devices on Chromebook carts and flat screen TV’s, teacher laptops for inventory purposes and theft prevention.



Use givemefives.org domain to use for promotion

Have a celebrity and 2 KHIS students give you a high five and authography for your $5 donation.

We would have to repeat the process every 5 years to replace the Chromebooks since they only last 5-6 years.

Desired Outcomes:


have access to technology to prepare for 21st century

college and career readiness (CCR)


know children have tool to keep them engaged with education and their future


facilitates lesson planning and assessments


fulfills goal for 1:1 device rollout to students

21st century classrooms

makes it easier for school tech team to install, manage, track, prevent theft devices


provides them the opportunity to help students directly with a project


provides donors the opportunity to give back to community and families

Additional Benefits:

The teachers’ pitches will allow community on social media to learn more about specific goals and needs of both students and teachers.

Gives community and donor to choose how they can help for specific projects, teachers

Donors can create milestones for donations given by community. High Five from celebrity, special prizes and opportunities. (i.e. two rows of 1,000 students giving a celebrity high fives on the football field after a fire drill. Each high five = $5 or $5,000 donation. Film all the 1,000 high 5’s in fast motion. Celebrity would wear a big dollar amount that they plan to pledge for each student with their name or company name.

Contests for students: (to win a personal Chromebook)

Who can give the highest high 5?

Poster handout.

Explanation of program during May Night

With the community beaming with pride with the accomplishments of the athletic teams this past season, I believe now is an ideal time to see how KEAC can benefit the school with the funds raised for teacher projects through the KEAC and kahuku.org. I am sure the teachers will use the funding to help build on their past student achievements (i.e. We the People state winners, National and State History Day, winning sweeps in Speech and Debate, Music/Vocal Motion, Band, Photography, Culinary Arts, successful Plays/Drama, Science Fair, NHS, JNHS, JROTC, Career Day, CTE Showcase, Kahuku Health Academy, GT, AP, kahuku.org, Math, Koko’ula/Ag program, Chess, athletics, essay writing contests, We are Samoa/Pasefika Club, Japan Exchange, May Night, Senior Success Day, ‘Olelo, Kahuku Film Club/Youth Exchange Competition, Kahuku Green Team/DOE Green Ribbon School, SBG, Con-Con, FCCLA, Model UN, Mock Interviews, Job Shadowing, Songfest, Cheerfest, etc).

At end of May Night, have students give audience high fives in the aisles.

Showcase KHIS talents, closeups of classroom, show outdated equipment in black and white.


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