Here are some suggestions from a guy, now in his 96th year, who expects to live until he is 100 and do so joyfully and in good health to the end. These suggestions certainly will not work for everyone, but perhaps they might help you live longer, who knows?

How to Live to be 100

by Paul M. Wilson

25th Year Huntsman World Senior Hall of Famer

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How to Reach Your 100th Birthday (and maybe a few more)

Here are some suggestions from a guy, now in my 96th year, who expects to live until he is 100 and do so joyfully and in good health to the end. These suggestions certainly will not work for everyone, but perhaps they might help you live longer, who knows?

I never expected to live past 70 and was quite surprised when I reached 75, then 80. My wife and I began to think that I was certain to die first, then she would follow, maybe five years later. It didn’t work out that way at all as she passed away last year at 88. Sadness rules, but I am still here and just had my 96th birthday. I am now the oldest ever male in the Wilson clan in five generations of Wilson men. How did that ever happen?

It all began when I had a real Near-Death Experience—a near heart attack 20 years ago. The symptoms were unlike those of my father who suffered serious chest pains over a two-year period and the last time he had the pains, he died. He was 66. He was also a heavy smoker, loved fatty, fried foods, and he was far out of shape.

While walking around the block on a hot day in St George several years ago (I was 74), I had a sudden sharp pain in my jaw. It didn’t seem to me to be related to my heart, but rather to my teeth or gums. I ignored the strong pain and it went away. The next day, while driving past my doc’s office, I was inspired to stop to ask him about the pain. He wasn’t in, but his receptionist heard my symptoms, turned pale and sent me across the hall to a nearby doc who checked me out. The doc looked worried and then sent me immediately to the hospital, where another group of medical people were waiting for me at the door. They carried me off to an exam room where they stripped me. They then pumped dye into my femoral artery and quickly discovered that the main artery feeding my heart muscle was 90% obstructed by a big glob of cholesterol. They said that they would put me on a plane immediately to fly me to the medical center in Salt Lake City where they knew how to place a stent in the artery and open it to normal blood flow. I overheard someone say that I might not survive the trip. Yikes!

Suddenly, a medical assistant said, “wait a minute, one of the only cardiologists in Utah State who is an expert in stent procedures is here in our hospital in St George giving lectures to local cardiologists how to do the stent placement procedure, Maybe he might do the job since he is here now” Someone called him. Amazingly, the doctor came running, operated immediately, placed the life-saving stent expertly in the artery and saved my life.” Mama mia, that was close! The stent is still working fine 20 years later. So is the doctor as he later decided to move to St. George. He is now my principle cardiologist —another extraordinary coincidence.

After my recovery, I finally saw the results of the complete blood tests they made before the stent procedure. Many of the principle tests (cholesterol, LDL, etc, results were in the danger zones. I was overweight (205 lbs), and in poor physical condition as well. Shocking results! I then made the determination to get healthy and stay healthy. Here’s how I changed my lifestyle and got much healthier, more active, and I’m told I look much younger than I really am (guesses from 52 to 75 vs. real 96):

  • I took doctor-recommended medications while dropping some dangerous ones
  • I researched and began taking recommended vitamins, minerals, supplements and beneficial natural products
  • I exercise every day, lost weight (30 lbs), and feel much stronger with improved muscle tone and tendon flexibility
  • I changed my diet completely to healthy foods and drinks while avoiding the unhealthy stuff
  • I make it a point to see my doctors every six months for their evaluation of my progress and to get their recommendations

Keep reading and I will tell you what I do every day to stay healthy and what I eat and drink as well. My diet may not appeal to you, I understand that, but I am certain that it has done wonders for me. My method of daily exercise may also not appeal to you or it may not be possible due to physical to financial limitations, but I know that my exercise program has definitely helped me remain active and energized.

Vitamins, minerals, and supplements I take daily:

My morning breakfast smoothie contains: 11 0z. Bolthouse Farms juice (pick your favorite flavor and buy at Wal-Mart), 11 oz. Coconut milk, one banana, Orgain Protein drink powder containing veggie and fruit powders etc.

Add the following to your smoothie maker:

L-Glutamine (for intestinal and immune systems ), Moringa powder superfood, Spirulina powder superfood and Dr. Gundry’s Vital Red superfood. Daily amounts as suggested by the manufacturer.

Every AM, with the smoothie, I take high-strength major vitamins and minerals purported to be beneficial for people my age.


C, B, D, E.


Zinc, Magnesium.


Fish Oil, Turmeric/Ginger, CoQ-10, Focus Factor, Turmeric concentrate and Cool Cayenne. The proven benefits of these supplements are widely accepted. They are available at most health food stores.

My afternoon pick-me up and immune system help: 40 mg Sambucol (Elderberry juice), mixed with 8 oz Canada Dry Tonic water (with quinine) plus an eye dropper squirt of Wellness Herbal Resistance liquid (immune system control).

Digestion and smoother skin:

I drink a tablespoon each of Organic Chetoui Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Robust) and Blackberry Ginger Balsamic Vinegar (both by Redstone Olive Oil, LLC) on an empty stomach each morning.

Skin care:

I use my own Island Trend Tamanu Oil-based products daily to make sure my skin is moisturized and looks as good as it can at my age. See: for details.

Muscle/tendon pain (for too much golf and walking):

I use Dr. Hoy’s ointment-the only one that works for me to alleviate pain.

Lunch and supper:

For lunch I usually go to a restaurant where I can get a nutritious meal with protein, potatoes and veggies. For supper I usually drink another protein drink with no additives. During the day I drink plenty of H2O. It’s imperative!

My daily exercise routine:

I work out on my Lifetime Vibe machine for ten minutes before breakfast. I do finger, arm and leg exercises while on the machine. OK, the machine is expensive, but it is the best, most reliable such machine on the market and my daily use helps me greatly to feel much better. I also stretch my muscles afterwards for five more minutes. I walk at least a mile a day or more at a fairly rapid pace. I play golf once a week. My much younger golf buddies are amazed I still can play (my scores, unfortunately, are not available at this time).

I know, I know, you might think that this regimen and exercise equipment are far too complicated or costly to think about and afford, but the regimen works for me and perhaps could help you too. An early death can be much more distressing and expensive.


Paul M. Wilson

October 2020


Medical Disclaimer

Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise or nutrition program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional.



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