Taking responsibility for my words and actions helps me to be trustworthy.


I think I'm seen as trustworthy. I'm seen as having determination and persistence, and I'm seen as having a capacity to reach achievable answers to difficult issues.

John Howard

Each day, I strive to be trustworthy. As I get myself ready for the day, I reflect on the values that matter to me the most. I want to be kind, accepting, and caring toward others. I work to show initiative and honesty.

To be trustworthy is to step forward and show a sense of duty and honest conduct. I feel obliged to do whatever I say I am going to do.

I own up to errors as soon as I realize I make them. If I misunderstand a situation, I acknowledge it. I apologize when I recognize I am wrong. I take these corrective steps as soon as possible because I want others to see my trustworthiness.

I take great pride in my trustworthiness.

It pleases me to know that others believe me. I strive to be trustworthy because it is a personal characteristic that I find important.

Today, I take responsibility for my behaviors, comments, and obligations to others. I know I can show myself and the world that I have a strong character and can be trusted. When I put forth an effort to be trustworthy, my rewards in life are great.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I trustworthy?

2. What does it mean to me to be trustworthy?

3. If my actions ever come into question, how can I regain the trust of others?

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