Resilience is defined as the ability to recover quickly from adversity.


“We are resilient beings and need to realize our incredible strengths.

Maria Brink


We must never forget our remarkable fortitude and recognize the extraordinary capacity we possess to endure.

Resilience is a powerful trait that many people possess, and studies have shown it can be cultivated through difficult or traumatic experiences. It's encouraging to note the protective factors of resilient individuals identified by years of research – an indicator that we all may be capable of bouncing back from adversity with strength.

The personal resiliency indicators are:

People who cultivate positive relationships and help others demonstrate incredible life skills, such as effective communication and problem solving. They can even find humor in difficult situations, using their own internal guidance to make choices that benefit themselves despite societal norms or expectations. Optimistic about the future with an adaptable attitude towards changing needs, they possess a love of learning while being self-motivated, competent individuals filled with immense self-worth. Spirituality encourages us to enjoy a sense of connectedness and purpose within something greater than ourselves. Perseverance requires strength, courage, and resilience in order to continue despite the challenging moments that life throws our way. Creativity gives us an outlet for expression through which we can share ideas, emotions and stories - making a meaningful impact on those around us. (Adapted from The Resiliency Workbook, Nan Henderson)

It's truly remarkable how having the right characteristics can make you resilient. Taking stock of what we already possess - and taking steps to develop those qualities that may be lacking – is a great way to take our mental fortitude from strength-to-strength. Being mindful of my own capacity for resilience, I focus on replacing doubts with encouragement; thwarting any negative thoughts with positive affirmations instead. It’s important not only to recognize but also to reward myself for all this hard work!

Investigating my deepest thought processes, I dismantle old limiting beliefs and establish a strong platform for building my new self. My imagination creates a lush garden of positive ideas tending to which cultivates inner strength & courage. As the moonlight illuminates my sleepscape, these fresh perspectives transform into powerful feelings that empower me with the faith necessary to persevere through any obstacle in life just as waves shape rocks over time.

I am humbled and grateful to have a body that works hard overnight to restore my physical stamina. I take pride in the fact that no matter what comes, it gives me the power of resilience needed for success each new day! Asking myself 'how can I become more resilient?' allows me to assess which areas need attention within my life; nurturing this trait with activities such as reading or exercise will give an extra edge toward tackling tomorrow's challenges. Today is a fresh start full of possibilities - let’s make it count!

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I become more resilient?
  2. In which areas of my life can I become more resilient?
  3. What activities can I do to become more resilient?


Life can be like a stormy sea,
Waves of hardship crashing over me.
But through it all I find the strength to persevere;
My resilience shines as my spirit soars ever near!

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