I finish everything I do on time.


Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability.

Edsger Dijkstra

I strive for punctuality in all aspects of life. Whether it’s dinner plans with friends, assignments at work or garbage collection, I'm prompt every time - and my commitment never wavers. My coworkers appreciate the fact that when I commit to something by a certain date or deadline, they can rest assured that things will be completed on schedule.
My social circle knows not to expect me late; arriving early is often better than experiencing stress from running behind! Being reliable reflects respect both toward myself and those around me – why put yourself through unnecessary pressure? Time management is key: doing what needs done ahead of time just makes sense!

Proactivity is my middle name; I'm always ready with plenty of time in the bank to spare. This mantra keeps me relaxed and levelheaded, allowing for work that's truly top-notch - and it just so happens all meetings, tasks (you name it) are met with punctuality at its finest. It's a winning strategy: taking as much time necessary to deliver results on my own terms!

How often am I incurring a cost for tardiness? Is my trustworthiness in question with regards to timekeeping among friends and colleagues alike? What is the hidden narrative behind continually being late, what lie do I tell myself when hitting snooze one too many times?

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