One of our projects at is to help families set up and use a survival garden.

  • Our first goal is to get a survival farm prototype that is easy for people to set up and use that will provide a lifetime of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins for a family of four. 
  • Our second goal is to make sure that families use it everyday to prepare them to consume the produce that they grow. We want to make sure families always have access to healthy produce each day.  
  • Our third goal is to have someone like Elon Musk make less expensive versions of the family survival garden by using 3D printers using recycled materials to mass produce the planters and irrigation systems in giga-factories. 
  • Our fourth goal is discovering ways every family can afford one.  At the moment, the cost is about $5,000 each, our goal is to get the price under $1,000 and for the Family Survival Garden to last a person’s lifetime.

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