Yes Education is always looking for ways to get involved in the community and make a difference. One way to do this is by involving young volunteers in various projects and activities. By doing so, we hope to instill positive values and life skills that will make them great citizens, caregivers, and leaders. volunteering also provide them with an opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, and gain valuable experience. It is our hope that through volunteer work, they will develop a strong sense of civic responsibility and a desire to give back to their community. Ultimately, we believe that by investing in our youth, we are investing in the future of our community.


Our Objectives:

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    Cognitive objectives
    We would like at least 80% of Yes Education students to know the importance of taking care of needy residents in our own community.
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    Affective objectives
    We would like at least 80% of Yes Education students to think and care about helping provide needed services and products to their residents.
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    Behavioral objectives
    We would like at least 80% of our Yes Education students to be confident that they are part of a vital plan to deliver needed services and knowledge.

What knowledge, skills, abilities and dispositions should the ideal student graduating from our program demonstrate?

Students should be able to recognize and articulate the foundational needs of their community and find solutions to respond to them.

How will they be able to demonstrate these capacities?

At the end of their field work, students will feel comfortable working with our partners and collaborators. Many of our students might be asked to do internships with them or be hired to work for them on a part-time or full-time basis. This has already happened to three students in our Computer Repair Club project. Each was offered a highly prized IT job by different local companies while they were young teenagers.

How well does Yes Education prepare students for careers, graduate, professional study, and/or lifelong learning?

Residents in a community will be highly satisfied with the service of our students, and requests for their service will increase. Students in the Yes Education Relief project will demonstrate competence and the ability to apply humanitarian aid using professional standards.

Our students will be able to develop relevant examples from their volunteer experience and to express the significance of homelessness and poverty in our community. Our students will be able to draw from theories, principles, and/or knowledge from other disciplines to help solve the problems of poverty with improved logistics, collaboration and communication.

What assessments can we use to demonstrate growth in students’ knowledge, skills, abilities and dispositions as they progress through our programs and projects?

We will do a summative assessment of the knowledge and life skills (20 total) and virtues (20 total) that they gained.

How will you know? What will you use to measure results? (ex. surveys, pre/post tests, observation, etc.)

We will use google forms and sheets for their summative assessments after each project period. Each of the supervisors will fill out a similar assessment of the students based on their observations of how they worked and offer advice on how to improve.

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