Yes Education is committed to building a brighter future for our community, and we believe that starts by investing in the youth. We strive to cultivate strong values and life skills through volunteering opportunities so young people can become great citizens, caregivers, and leaders. Not only does volunteering give them a chance to make an impact on their communities - it also provides invaluable experience as well as potential new acquaintances or friends along the way. By empowering this generation of volunteers today with knowledge they'll take into tomorrow's world, Yes Education is helping shape the leaders who will continue creating positive change long into the future!


Our Objectives:

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    Cognitive objectives
    We would like at least 80% of Yes Education students to know the importance of taking care of needy residents in our own community.
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    Affective objectives
    We would like at least 80% of Yes Education students to think and care about helping provide needed services and products to their residents.
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    Behavioral objectives
    We would like at least 80% of our Yes Education students to be confident that they are part of a vital plan to deliver needed services and knowledge.

What knowledge, skills, abilities and dispositions should the ideal student graduating from our program demonstrate?

Students should have the knowledge and skills necessary to identify problems in their community and develop effective solutions that will bring lasting change. By understanding the root needs of an area, students can make a meaningful impact on society.

How will they be able to demonstrate these capacities?

Our students are already proving their worth as part of our Computer Repair Club project, with three pupils being offered highly sought-after IT positions before even reaching adulthood. Through this field work experience and collaboration, they will gain the skills necessary to excel in any future position that may come their way!

How well does Yes Education prepare students for careers, graduate, professional study, and/or lifelong learning?

Through our Yes Education relief project, residents in the community will be amazed at how competent and professional our students are. They can leverage their volunteer experience to understand the bigger picture of homelessness and poverty that affects us all - then apply interdisciplinary theories, principles and knowledge with improved logistics for better collaboration & communication for more effective aid solutions.

What assessments can we use to demonstrate growth in students’ knowledge, skills, abilities and dispositions as they progress through our programs and projects?

After a comprehensive educational program, our students will demonstrate what they've learned by completing a summative assessment to measure their knowledge of life skills and virtues that they gained. (life skills-20 total and virtues-20 total) 

How will you know? What will you use to measure results? (ex. surveys, pre/post tests, observation, etc.)

To assess student performance, supervisors will use Google Forms and Sheets to provide feedback on each project period. The assessments include observations of how students worked as well as advice for improvement.

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