Lateral Thinking Beats Best Practices Every Time.


Get information about a pioneer who can likely provide you with a list of best practices their firm employs. The issue is that best practices generally conform to the commonly accepted definition of insanity: you desire innovation, but you continue doing the same thing repeatedly based on your set of principles while expecting a different result. If you really want to create something exceptional, horizontal thinking is the way to go.

Sideways reasoning merely entails discovering arrangements with irrational logic or reasoning that are not immediately apparent. It's what people mean when they tell you to "think beyond the box," and it's significant. It can encourage you to face necessary difficulties, embrace change, and enhance your organization's culture.

Parallel Thinking in the Workplace

My company is a prime example of how horizontal reasoning can help a business in practice. Our group decided together that we would abandon the traditional hierarchical structure (i.e., promoting, sales, development, etc.). The decision was to organize everything according to different channels or business surges. We disassembled what is often consolidated and reorganized everyone into new specialty units or product lines.

This decentralization of business streams had a monetary cost. Initially, it was tough to convince our board to support the idea, given that doing so would require us to copy a few assets.

Yet, by focusing so intently on the individual lines, at the end of the day everyone had become substantially more cooperative. The style of life shifted, and performance enhanced. Moreover, our top-line growth accelerated beyond what we would have been able to achieve under a standard arrangement.

No, the danger was not generally welcomed with enthusiasm at the outset. But, because we met this obstacle, we surpassed the competitors. Similarly, if you want to ensure that your own business does not fail or become irrelevant, you must stop employing the same, stale strategies. By embracing and promoting change, you will typically inspire the horizontal thinking that is fundamental to development.

Understanding How to Break the Mold

Horizontal reasoning, as distinct abilities, is something that can be acquired over time. Moreover, one of the most important factors in doing this is to focus on noticing and being mindful. You won't find openings, generally speaking, unless you examine every aspect of your industry or life and see what you can apply in completely unexpected areas. You can likely apply a great deal of your professional practices to your personal life, for instance. Yet, it is a sensitive skill that relates back to empathy and the capacity to store one's predispositions. Children, for instance, tend to think in an ad hoc manner since they lack as much life experience and as many norms dictating what "should" be.

Your perception and awareness must continue even after you've initiated change. You might discover that threats fail spectacularly. It is acceptable if things don't always turn out to be exceptional. Under such circumstances, consistently turn. In some instances, it may appear and feel as though your efforts are bearing fruit. Here is where you double-fold down. Nonetheless, you must confront these underlying difficulties and undergo change.

In all likelihood, horizontal logic does not require that you bet everything up front. This can be really frightening and result in a great deal of resistance from your group. Try not to stake everything on one large adjustment with the assumption that it will succeed. All things considered, continuously analyze on a small scale. Do visit, less risky modifications, and determine whether they can be beneficial. Get a wealth of knowledge from these small actions. Then, if your perceptions indicate that there is a significant likelihood, you can pursue it to a great extent and have the best chance of having the shift be fruitful.

Leaders of today are characterized by their lateral thinking, and you may be one of them.

The majority of revered individuals, such as Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, are known for their parallel reasoning. They are incomprehensibly acceptable at addressing frameworks or methods of doing, and they consistently throw away best practices to avoid carelessness. You can figure out how they arrive at their conclusions. It requires a disposition that is tolerant of flexibility. Question everything, observe, and step-by-step assess what you can. Individual and expert development will follow.


A brain filled with new ideas,
A power of thought that no one dares.
Lateral Thinking travels far and wide,
Breaking through stifling boundaries we hide.
It needs to be fed from our inner well;
Let's embrace the freedom it can bring us if we just let lateral thinking swell!

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