Measure and nurture the positive IMPACTS you will make in the world.

Ethos (a.k.a. Ethical appeal) Persuading your audience by convincing them that your protagonist is credible
Pathos (a.k.a. Emotional appeal) Persuading your audience by appealing to their emotions
Logos (a.k.a. Logical appeal) Persuading your audience by using facts, logic, or reason



Some of our favorite heros who are making positive impacts: - Scott Harrison

EZGro Garden - Larry Johnson

Green Bronx Machine "The outcome is more important than the income..." - Stephen Ritz 

Ma'o Organic Farms - Kamuela Enos

Kamuela Enos’ vision for his community of Waiʻanae on West O‘ahu considers his deep regard for ancestral values, as well as an appreciation for contemporary innovation. He serves as director of social enterprise at MAʻO Organic Farms, a non-profit that aims to connect Waiʻanae youth to the land, while fostering in them workforce and life skills.   - from pbshawaiiorg - Joe Berardy Business Coach 

Virgin - Richard Branson

Twinkle Borge, leader of Puʻuhonua O Waiʻanae.

A courageous innovator who is making a difference in solving homelessness in Hawaii.  I decided to make one of her quotes my mantra: “You give someone kuleana and bam—you wake up their mana”.

Be the reason someone smiles today 

How Will You Measure Your Life?  - Clay Christensen 

Brigham Young University Hawaii - President Eric Shumway

Elon Musk - Business magnate, industrial designer, and engineer

We are confident that these activities will increase our students’ GPA, will increase their desire to take college Advanced Placement and AVID courses, that they will take ACT or SAT tests multiple times, and as a result, will help them qualify for college scholarships and will facilitate their chances of being accepted into the college of their choice.

These experiences will also help YES Education students to prepare for business and idea competitions (“Empower Your Dreams” and “Great Ideas”) held each year by the Willes Center for International Entrepreneurship at BYU-Hawaii University. Or collaborate with a BYUH Enactus team.

Sample implementation plan for Green Entrepreneurship's 'Focus on Your Future'.

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