I endeavor to be honorable each day.


Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud.


One of my most important priorities is honor. To me, being honorable takes many different forms in life and I strive to exhibit each one. For one, honesty is an important aspect of honorability. So, I make it my business to speak truthfully at all cost. When I am honest, I feel positive about life. Another facet of honorability for me is feeling worthy of the respect of others. I figure that striving to be the best I can be earns me respect. I believe that I am deserving of the esteem of others.

Putting my efforts into maintaining strong ethical principles ensures that I live the good life I deserve. Others notice when I am honorable. I see the high regard they have for me because of the way I conduct myself. I am cared about and accepted because of the honorability I demonstrate to others. I also enjoy increased self-acceptance because I choose this path.

Each day, I make a decision to work on being as honorable as I can be. I enjoy the rewards of living a meaningful existence filled with the results of being honest, respecting, and ethical. My life is richer because I am honorable. Today, I plan to find a role model for honorability. Having someone whose example I can follow strengthens my efforts toward honorability. I vow to continue on my path of being honorable for the rest of my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What does being honorable mean to me?

2. Do I consider myself an honorable person?

3. In what ways could I practice being more honorable each day?

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