I am a loyal and reliable person.


No legacy is so rich as honesty.

William Shakespeare

I always strive to be a loyal friend and partner. I will do whatever I can to help the people in my life; it brings me pride and joy when I am able to show loyalty towards them. One way of showing loyalty that is important to me is being reliable; I never break my promises, do what I say, and people know they can depend on me. In a perfect world, everyone would be just as dependable as I am, because reliability is something that deserves to be reciprocated. People have come to appreciate and count on my loyalty, it’s an essential part of every relationship for me that everyone else in my life be deserving of the same level of respect.

No matter my task or the place I may find myself in, taking care of business is my top priority. Everywhere I go, I have a reputation for being reliable and dependable - my family knows that when they need something done, it will be handled with enthusiasm. Nowadays, I make it an intention to show accountability for not just for myself but for all those around me. My employer has full confidence in my abilities because with every assignment I am releasing excellence - quietly celebrating personal triumphs with every completed objective or responsibility. Today is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how serious and responsible I really am.

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity. 

Donald A. Adams

Self-Reflection Questions:

My closest friends, family members and colleagues are the most loyal and reliable people I know. They always have my back no matter what, show up when I need them most, and stand by me even if we disagree on certain things. Because of that, I feel immensely grateful for them and am more than happy to do the same in return. On the other hand, it's often harder to build relationships with those who don't demonstrate behaviors conducive to loyalty and reliability, since I can never count on them when I'm down or simply need someone to be there for me. To become a more loyal and reliable person myself, I've decided to focus on being consistent in honoring commitments rather than just relying on good intentions; whenever possible, I try to communicate openly with others so that expectations around plans can be clearly established; lastly, putting effort into listening to those who have something significant to say. Living up to these ideals reminds me how important it is for me both personally and professionally to be as supportive of others as they are of me - something worth striving for every day.

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