I believe in the power of self-healing.


“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.

Joyce Meyer

I have had many experiences in healing myself and others, and I am proof that the power of the mind to heal is very real. The studies I have conducted for many years in this area of self-healing are now being backed up by quantum physics, which makes me even more confident in my abilities and beliefs. With an open heart, I continually repeat positive affirmations and thoughts with the intention of nurturing my belief that these things really can heal me. My successes in using these techniques to heal myself, as well as those around me, has been a source of much pride for me. As I continue on this path of affirming my healing power, I feel humbly blessed with an ever increasing ability to help myself and others recover what may have seemed impossible just a short time ago.

With the help of these expanded gifts I can now embrace the full power of my spiritual connectivity. That connectivity guides me to process guidance and wisdom from the higher realms and apply it in practical ways that bring positive change for humanity. Using these gifts also helps me remember that every person has unique abilities, and each is part of a grander plan. Surrounding myself with supportive people, I am able to keep my ego in check and focus on making a genuine difference with whatever it is I am setting out to accomplish. Ultimately, I live knowing that I have been given this opportunity to be a part of something truly uplifting and purposeful – not only for myself but for those around me too.

Self-Reflection Questions:

Keeping our ego in check can be a challenging task, but it is essential to maintain a healthy balance on all levels. Strengthening our own personal power of healing ourselves often starts by looking inward and recognizing when negative thoughts, beliefs or judgemental opinions kick in. By shifting our focus away from these judgements and onto the things that make us feel powerful, resilient, and connected to something larger than ourselves, we can start to build greater self-awarness. Going further we can use this increased power as way to offer healing to others around us - by expressing compassion or giving them support when needed. These gifts are invaluable for helping others and also show us that the ripples of healing can truly ripple out far beyond our own individual selves.

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