Laughing at myself is healthy.


Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he isn't. A sense of humor was provided to console him for what he is.

Horace Walpole

Life takes us on all kinds of journeys, some funny and others humbling. I'm thankful for the moments when my feet stumble as it makes me appreciate that no one is perfect - not even myself! We don't need to strive for perfection; instead we should embrace our flaws, celebrating them like they are part of who we were made to be. Life's most valuable gifts come from being unapologetically you around your friends and family who love you just the way you are – goofy or otherwise!

Even though I can forget the number of birthdays that have passed, I am surrounded by those who cherish me. With their love and support, my soul is affirmed to live an authentic life where laughter comes easy- especially when it's at a silly joke! Aged with grace, each new year reminds me how fortunate I am to be blessed with another day full of possibilities. So instead of dwelling on memory lapses caused by aging, why not celebrate? Here’s cheers for all seasons yet to come!

I make it a point to stay lighthearted and playful, understanding that my worth isn't tied up in what others think of me. This allows me to focus on the things I value most - treating people with kindness and respect. Humor helps keep our hearts open; when we can poke fun at ourselves, we understand that no one is immune from life's hardships or joys: We are all human after all!

I'm always up for a good laugh - whether it's making funny faces, doing silly dances or even saying the strangest of things. I love to entertain my family by being completely comfortable in simply just being me! Being different is something that excites and energizes me – there are no limits when embracing individuality!



Let laughter lift our spirits high,
A light hearted remedy.
Humor brings us solace when we need a break from reality.
It's true - with it in life one can cope;
And feel the joy of pleasure and hope!

Laughter is the sweetest sound,
It brightens up any gloomy ground.
A silly joke to make us smile -
Spreading happiness all the while.
So find a humorous moment true,
And you'll feel joy come gushing through!


Life can be hard sometimes,
But humor is the perfect rhyme.
It lifts us up when world's around,
Fills our hearts with joy profound.
A laugh or joke of any kind;
We'll all find solace in its mental bind. So take some time to seek out fun - The moments you recall will never come undone!


A clever joke, a ticklish pun,
Humor brings out Everyone!
Criticism can be tough to take,
But laughter helps us all partake.
Smiling faces abound with glee;
Every heart is set free. For the gift of humor's profound— We bow down and laugh aloud


Humor is a precious gift,
A source of joy that we should not miss.
It's woven through life like an intricate knot;
No matter how dark the day may seem, it always brings relief to our lot.
Laughter fills us with hope and lightens even the heaviest of hearts -
An escape from reality no other emotion imparts!

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