My life goals have deep meaning to me.

My life goals are the means to bring my dreams to fruition. They provide the light that guides me right into the life I desire. Without my goals, I would be lost - wandering aimlessly in the darkness!

My life goals enable me to keep my focus on what is important to me. Life has a way of providing distractions that tend to occupy my time and threaten to disrupt my plans for the future. With my life goals clearly defined, I can get back on track, moving steadily toward my goals.

I divide my life goals into a series of attainable tasks that will get me to where I want to be. When I am constantly involved in this way with my life goals, I remain focused, even through the distractions.

My life goals bring me passion and commitment. They are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I visualize living my dream life each day in meditation and I know that my goals will make all of this possible.

My ambition gets me past the rough times in my life. When things get tough, I remember that this, too, shall pass and I feel hopeful.

Today, I plan to keep my focus on my life goals and I let my passion and commitment get me past all obstacles in my path.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are my life goals?
2. How do they affect my daily life?
3. How can I use them to get me past a current challenge in my life?

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