Productivity at Work: 6 Tips That Increase Your Efficiency


“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things. 

Peter Drucker

We all wish life came with an extra hour in the day, but unfortunately there aren't any magic tricks that can make time stand still. But instead of focusing on reclaiming those lost minutes, why not try and make sure they are put to good use? With just a few small changes - like avoiding distractions throughout your workday - you can become more productive at what you do best! Not only will this empower you professionally by helping shine through obstacles, it also gives back even more precious reward; bonus moments for yourself which could be spent doing activities that bring happiness or joy into our lives. What's stopping us from making better use of every second we have?

Keep these tips in mind to get more done at work:

To make sure your workday is productive, plan and prioritize before you dive into the day! Make a to-do list with the most important tasks at the top. This way when unexpected items come up that require immediate attention, you can quickly handle them then get back on track with whatever was next on your agenda. Tackle each task in order; completing more challenging or urgent ones first for maximum efficiency and motivation throughout the rest of your day!

Limit distractions and stay focused on one task to maximize productivity. Let coworkers know you'll be uninterruptible for a set amount of time, reduce clutter around your desk by designating places for all supplies, adjust noise in the environment accordingly with doors closed or headphones on — this will free up mental capacity so that quality work can shine through undivided attention.

When it comes to maintaining productivity, learning how to delegate tasks and taking regular breaks are essential. Rather than trying to do everything yourself--which can result in a decline of work quality--choose some of the items on your task list that others could handle or give you assistance with; this will enable you more time for those important projects requiring direct attention from yours truly. Additionally, during an extended period at work without any break whatsoever, efficiency goes down along with motivation levels - so be sure not take short pause every hour! Put aside what's keeping your mind busy for just five minutes: You'll thank yourself later when satisfactory results come soon after!

Don't get stuck in a rut at work. Take time to walk away, take some deep breaths, and do some stretches or jumping jacks to give yourself an energy boost! Even just five minutes outside can help you come back ready for anything the job throws your way. It's worth taking small breaks throughout the day – not only will it make you more efficient on the clock but also allow extra free-time where you can pursue activities that bring joy into your life!


A poem of productivity,
Composed with effectiveness in view;
To use what time has given us
And let nothing more slip through.
For every task before me now                                     
  I strive to make the most divine –                                   

The strategy must be ever-shifting        

And progress must lie ahead at each line.

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