I live my life with courage.


“The secret to happiness is freedom... And the secret to freedom is courage.


From the everyday to extraordinary, I'm no stranger to challenges. But instead of succumbing - in fear or defeatism - I choose courage as my guide and companion. With a conviction that nothing is insurmountable nor inaccessible if confronted with enough bravery, each situation surprises me but never overwhelms me; perplexes rather than preempts progress.

My strength translates into success time after time: while it may take some effort on my part acquit myself during difficulty's embrace, there comes an invigorating feeling upon reaching the other side unscathed by doubt or dismay. Some might call this phenomenon luck yet somehow instinct guides me back towards where true victory lies – within confidence clothed in moxie-fueled fortitude!

By accessing my courage, I stay strong emotionally. Today brings a renewed commitment to remember this source of strength and tackle difficult situations with bravery. Looking back on past successes reminds me that by relying on my inner courage, there is no limit to what can be achieved.

Reflection is an important part of being brave. We must ask ourselves how our lives reflect courage, and what we can do to put that courage into action during difficult times. It's essential for us as individuals to recognize the importance of living with bravery; it guides us along a fulfilling path towards success in all aspects of life.


In the heat of battle, courage takes a stand;
A hero rises within and helps them remain strong to lend a hand.
Though fears may come knocking with intimidations in tow,

strength lies deep down as one finds what they have but do not know.
Courage is brave despite being scared or uncertain to go forth - it's found at our core when we're ready for something more!

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