Advantages of Assertiveness


“Assertiveness is not what you do, it's who you are!

Shakti Gawain


Being assertive is a skill that benefits both ourselves and our relationships, yet very few of us possess this crucial ability. Passivity can be seen as polite but bears the cost of sacrificing one's own wants or needs in exchange for others' satisfaction. On the other end are those who express their opinions aggressively - an approach which isn't pleasing to anyone involved and often results in setting unhealthy boundaries with resentment on either side. Assertiveness allows a middle way: striking a balance between being considerate while also getting what you want without compromising your values or feelings.

Learn to be assertive rather than passive or aggressive and enjoy these perks:

With assertiveness, you can reclaim control of your life and build the self-esteem needed to move forward. This will not only help give a confidence boost but also lead to better communication that opens up new opportunities. By speaking out for yourself, taking action with purpose, and conveying your desires clearly - you can break through barriers lingering in depression or low morale while claiming back power over how things turn out!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to always be better at achieving their goals? That's because they make sure those around them not only know what it is that they want, but take actionable steps towards making these dreams a reality. Being confident goes along way too - People tend naturally gravitate toward persons who exude self-assurance and security as this is often perceived by others as an indication of greater capability, intelligence and leadership skills than somebody with lower confidence levels.

In our daily lives we tend to be too passive when it comes to making decisions. We sacrifice ourselves for the sake of others, believing that if we let them have what they want then eventually ours will come true as well – yet experience shows us time and again this is not always a reliable approach. To get ahead in life take charge by being vocal about your wants, needs and desires; because only with an understanding of yourself can you truly achieve success!

Establishing win-win situations is crucial in achieving mutual satisfaction and respect. To do this, a balanced approach of assertion should be taken - an attitude that stems from honest self-awareness coupled with acknowledgement of those around you. This helps make decisions more impartial by dampening the effects of both passivity and aggressiveness on judgment.

When you're assertive, you're honest about your intentions, wants, and desires. You aren't forcing them on others, but you're willing to express them and own them. You're also being respectful by not hiding your intentions. Passivity and aggressiveness aren't pleasing to others and are less effective than assertiveness. Allow others to respect you by being more assertive in all your interactions. You'll enjoy the results!



A call for courage and resolve,
To summon strength with grace unfurl'd.
With power in your voice to solve,
Be brazen-bold but not assertive world.
For when its right put forth the plea:
Confidence assure clear decree!

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