We appreciated the excellent work and support we received from Brigham Young University Hawaii's Off Campus Interns.

Here are just of the few things they helped us with over the past 4 months:

Assembly Instructions
Cost Breakdown of Survival Farm
Optional Items for Survival Farm
Survival Farm on yes.education website
Get a commitment from BYUH Enactus to promote our project in competition
Our Pitch to Elon Musk
3 Short Pitches for the Family Survival Farm for social media
Sample pitch to public for Survival Farm (created by Jasper A.I.)
Seek and trade help from experts and other nonprofits
Seek recognition for humanitarian efforts from philanthropists
Solicit help from distinguished experts, collaborators and volunteers
Apply for federal, state, local grants, and awards
Enter federal, state, and local competitions
Oahu Farm Grant $33k
Work on Benevity.com grants and volunteer experiences

Finish 24 page Children's book on Family Survival Farm on Kindle and hard bound
Work on Jasper social media workspace tool (not yet released in beta)
Photo shoot of BYUH Sustainability Farm
Photo shoot of CW Survival Farm
TikTok and Instagram Captions for Survival Farm
Video shot with iPhone 13 Pro, mic filter, 18mm lens, gimble, software
Draft of new Oahu Farmer's grant for $25-50k
Possible grants to apply for in 2022
Integrate Survival Farm with Emergency Preparedness
Weed Farm, optimize irrigation, harvest, cover with coconut coir
Prepare a 10 minute youtube film about project
Purchased accessories for iPhone 13 Pro
-Sandmarc Motion Variable Filter - iPhone
-Deity V-Mic D4 Mini Video Microphone
-Zhiyun Smooth Q3 Combo, 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone
Answer these questions, each segment should be about 1 min
-What is your overall goal for the survival family Farm?
-What do you hope to accomplish by working with other organizations?
-How does it work?
-How will the help of other organizations and grants help improve this project?
-What made you want to do this?
-Why do you believe this is the best option to end world hunger?
-What are some ways that the food produced can be used?
Article about Family Survival Farm in the American Civil Defense Association (tacda.org)
24 page children's book about the Family Survival Farm
Submit $5M grant proposal to google.org
Have OCI team present project to KHIS (1 hour per class, 120 students)
Videos created by OCI team
Make presentation on hawaiinewsnow.com TV
Make presentation on thinktechhawaii.com/ TV (Katherine Nohr)

Goals of Project:
Show how Family Survival Farm can be used after a disaster
To receive grants and awards to help build survival Farms for schools, public
Action Steps:
To get as many people to learn how to build a Survival Farm
Help build our reputation by proving quality of Survival Farm
Help team become proficient in helping nonprofits
Everyone will know how to grow their own organic food after a disaster

Volunteers for nonprofits (stealth campers, CD volunteers)
Come up with slogan, vision, and mission for Survival Farm
Use Jasper A.I. to write some blog post for yes.education
Similar to WWOOF'ing
find influencers on fiverr.com
youtube influencer ryantwomey feeing 200 homeless at soup kitchen
youtube influencer ryantwomey
youtube influencer nasdaily
youtube influencer growyourgreens
Have interns help with defining and improving supply chain

Measure and Improve Supply Chain Social-Ecological Resilience and Quality for Fundraising & Engagement

Attract, retain, & deepen donor relationships
-Finding and prioritizing the most likely financial supporters
-Connecting with decision makers
-Discovering how nonprofit peers get grants
Increase credibility
Modernize communications to improve engagement
Streamline processes to ensure timeliness of engagement
Use proactive insights for reporting, which helps strengthen relationships and uncover new opportunities
Connect Ambulance and Emergency Preparedness project with Survival Farm
Reach out to Home Depot, Amazon to be influencer, seek celebrity influencer
Do a weekly blog to improve FSF, put amazon affiliate links in description


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