Live a life of selfless service.


Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability.

Edsger Dijkstra

Refueling my heart is essential in order to give from it authentically. I am conscious of how much love and support I need for myself so that the giving can come naturally afterward––it's a cycle of self-care, replenishment, then service! My cup runneth over with grace when all doors are kept open.

By taking time to nurture and nourish myself, I become more attuned with my hearts' desires. Following its lead is the best path for finding where help is needed most - whether it be a listening ear, embrace or a simple smile. My heart speaks volumes about how even small gestures can have an immense impact on another person's well-being.

I've come to a newfound appreciation of giving back. Small tokens can go such a long way in brightening someone's day, and seeing the reactions is always gratifying! To me, it truly feels like life comes full circle when I take time out to give from my surplus love - filling up my own cup just as much as it fills others. This has prompted some soul searching on how best to serve selflessly - what do I need so that I'm at capacity? Who am I called upon by spirit or intuition to assist? How does living this sort of lifestyle bring fruition for all involved?

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