Everything in the world of form is preceded by a thought. Thoughts are not in the world of form, form is not in the world of thought.


Positive thinking is a valuable tool that can help you overcome obstacles, deal with pain, and reach new goals.

Amy Morin

Our world is an intricate web of cause and effect. Forms are merely the product of thoughts - our actions, decisions, ideas and emotions all create ripples that extend beyond us into space-time as energy. This means we have control over what will happen in our lives if we can master controlling these thought forms: directing them through a lens of positivity creates positive outcomes while negativities lead to equally unfavorable results. We must recognize this power each possesses from within when setting out on any endeavor or goal – for no matter how big it may be, without mindful manifestation first nothing else could exist at all!

Consciously cultivating a mindset of optimism is an important tool for living life to the fullest. Positive thinking has been shown scientifically or not will help direct one's energy into creating the reality they desire. By training your mind to focus on beneficial thoughts, you can turn wishes and dreams into realities while simultaneously increasing happiness and improving relationships with others as well as yourself.

Positive thinking includes:

  • Our innate capability to produce desired outcomes with positive thoughts.
  • Having belief in possibilities even when the facts seem to indicate otherwise.
  • Making creative choices.
  • Meeting problems head on.

Concept of Positive Thinking Explained

Our reality is largely shaped by the power of our thoughts. Unconsciously and consciously, we generate ideas which ripple through space-time to manifest in concrete forms - from material objects, living creatures or abstract concepts; all are formed upon an initial thought that preceded it. As powerful creators, we must choose wisely the kind of energy (thought) released into this world as what goes around really does come back around with corresponding effects down the line.

Our inner dialogue determines our outlook, controlling every aspect of how we view and interact with the world. While much of this is done unconsciously, it can still be managed by choosing to remain consciously positive or negative; which in turn directly influences any effort put forth. After all, genuine enthusiasm begets action - no matter if that conversation takes place within ourselves quietly or loudly aloud.

Mystics have long taught us that we are the direct source of our own reality. Our inner state is responsible for creating and shaping its external manifestations, with thought being the cause to produce desired effects. Every challenge or issue in life can be seen as an opportunity to gain insight into ourselves, evolve spiritually, and ultimately get exactly what we want from it by using positive thinking - not a sentence ordained towards pain nor suffering but instead affirmation of self-empowerment.

While the benefits of positivity were once thought to be a secret, its journey into mainstream consciousness gained momentum with New Age figures like Ram Dass and Deepak Chopra. These key voices took up the charge that reality is within our power—we simply have to reevaluate our past experiences in order for it to become something beneficial for ourselves and others. Through positive thinking and affirmations, we can make conscious decisions about how we wish to live out life's story every day.

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