UHaul to Office/Home Conversion

3D Rendering of a UHaul Truck Converted into an Office for a nonprofit.

We used an awesome program called vanspace3d.co to render it.

Imagine using a UHaul truck as a home to live in or to practice Mobile Eco-Voluntourism.

See how a UHaul was converted into a home.

Watch this video to see how a UHaul truck was converted into a home.

Used 17' UHaul Truck

Perhaps in the future, an electric box truck will become available. That would be ideal. A Tesla perhaps?

View from rear

Bird's eye view

View from left side

View from right side

Dimensions of a 17' UHaul Box Truck

Uses for a converted UHaul Truck

  • use as a mobile office for a nonprofit

  • use as an extra private bedroom to rent out

  • use to haul donations: food, household items, computers, ewaste

  • use as a bug out vehicle in case of tsunamis, fires, tsunamis, hurricanes, riots, etc.

  • use as a work area to create arts and crafts

  • use to demonstrate sustainability, green living at schools, stores, community events, farm fairs, farmers' markets

  • rent to the film industry

  • use as a digital media studio

Suggested Items for the Interior and Exterior of the UHaul Box Truck

To provide light for living space and for plants in the vertical gardens. If there is too much light in the living space, a sliding cover under the light can be closed or adjusted to dim the light.

IcyBreeze is the world’s first personal, portable air conditioner and cooler designed to keep you and your drinks cool anywhere life takes you.

Use these tools, as well as a smart power strip to remotely control devices in the UHaul.

Use a propane power system to provide pressurized water to a shower or sink inside the UHaul.

This water generator can make up to five gallons of delicious, purified water a day, pulled entirely from moisture in the air.

The doors will allow light inside the UHaul and the 2 doors will allow you to pass through bulky items. The double french doors also have windows that will provide light and a view of the exterior.

Please dispose grey water responsibly. Perhaps a recycling grey water system could be used for showering.

This can also be used to play games from.

To display what is on the exterior every side of the UHaul on 4 55" flat screen TV's. It will make the UHaul truck without windows feel less claustrophobic.

Use plants to exchange carbon dioxide with oxygen. It also creates living art. Who knew you could grow all the food you need to survive in a UHaul truck!

Insert plants from the vertical garden and microgreens to make healthy smoothies. each day. Add frozen bananas and fruits, seeds, protein powders, and other nutritional supplements.

Feed the 5 gallons of water created from the air per day into this. Feed water into the propane system for the kitchen sink and shower. Pump water from here to irrigate the vertical gardens and microgreens.

2400Wh/1000W Power Station: Super Long Lasting 2400Wh Power Station with High Load Continous 1000W Inverter

Used to Raise Bulky Items and also used a porch and step into the truck.

Grow microgreens and seedlings inside the UHaul for healthy green smoothies, salads or sandwiches.

Use two 160 watt solar panels on top of UHaul to power all electrical items using the MAXOAK Power Station

Plants are essential for purifying the air and can be connected to our overall health. So if you don’t already have a plant in your home, you probably should think about adding one.

Outdoor Umbrella with Push Button Tilt and Crank, 8 Steel Ribs, to shade the Tommy Gate Porch. Use the umbrella to shade a storefront or place to relax.

Use Google Nest and IFTTT Pro to remotely turn devices on or off in the UHaul with this powerstrip to save energy and to provide needed services such as turning the air conditioner on a few minutes before you enter the UHaul.

Use this to see where your vehicle is at all times. The device and your phone will notify the instant you having engine or battery problems before taking the UHaul to a mechanic.

This artist made beautiful wooden carvings throughout this build where his art has turned his box truck into a whimsical home. The style of the van is heavily influenced by the Lord of the Rings.

YUMORE Folding Shelf Brackets 12-20”, Max Load: 330lb. Use for desks in the van and extra shelves. When you need extra space in the UHaul for bulky items, just fold them up.

UOKIER Essential Oil Diffuser 500ml Diffusers with Remote Control. Keeps a nice scent going in the UHaul.

Hang this green screen above and in front of a 55" flatscreen TVbehind your office chair so you can work remotely with a custom background. You can use it as a backdrop for zoom meetings or to take pictures of products for reviews.

Jetcoat Cool King Reflective Acrylic Roof Coating, Waterproof Elastomeric Sealant, 5 Gallon, 10 Year Protection. Use this to reflect 10-20 degrees F from the inside of the UHaul truck.

Put under sink to purify water for drinking.

RV Roof Vent with Thermostat and Rain Sensor, Manual and Automatic Speeds 12 Volt RV Vent Fan

A spacious stealth tiny house on wheels. Simplicity and frugal living at its best.

Includes Silver Metal Airtight Lids for Meal Prep, Food Storage, Canning, Drinking, Overnight Oats, Jelly, Dry Food, Spices, Salads, Yogurt, Seeds (6 Pack). Also use for cups, storage for smoothies, green drinks, etc.

Mobile Eco-Voluntourism– a mix of both travel and volunteering. People often wonder how they can explore the world and help the less fortunate even if they don’t possess specialized skills. Use the UHaul to reach locals that need your skills.

Save money and protect the environment with these safe natural alternative household items.

We plan to purchase a 17’ 2007 UHaul Box Truck to live in or rent out, use as an office, as a bug out vehicle, to haul donations for our community and schools. We may switch to a 15’ size based to save gas, to make driving easier, and to save space in the driveway.

In the front half of the truck (living area), we plan to install:

  • An offgridtrek.com system to provide electricity.

  • A Hammacher Schlemmer & Co air-to-water conversion system to provide 5 gallons of clean water per day.

  • A painted green screen wall for a mobile studio.

  • An icybreeze.com unit to provide cool air.

  • We will put most items in the storage area above the cab. (microwave oven, cooling systems, energy, etc).

  • An Emperor Workstation by MWE Lab as bed and chair or a zero-gravity massage chair.

  • A large TV to view computer screen, 4 ring cameras (on each side of the UHaul).

  • A mini-fridge (in addition to the icebreeze.com).

  • A small dresser to store clothing.

  • We will use a Verizon Hum device to track the location of the vehicle and the condition of the motor.

  • An LED color lighting system.

  • We plan to insulate all the walls and ceiling with hemp, Merino or havelock wool.

  • A small freezer or an ice making machine.

  • We plan to put RoofShield Top Coat White Acrylic Reflective Elastomeric Roof Coating (12-year Limited Warranty) to reduce the heat on the roof and to prevent leaks. I might paint on the sides if it looks nice.

  • The offgridteck.com system we would like to order also has solar panels that we will put on the roof.

  • We really don’t need a bathroom or shower since I already have access from home and work. (maybe later)

  • A food processor and blender for juicing and smoothies (from food grown in UHaul).

  • We will need a small sink and small small counter space.

In the back half of truck, plant and hauling area, I plan to install:

  • Microgreen plants,

  • Vertical gardens for food, herbs, flowers.

  • Keep empty space for hauling donations for the community such as clothing, household items, furniture, computers, etc.

  • 50 gallon drum and pump with timer for water.

  • Use a floor to ceiling curtain between the living area and the back area to preserve cool air.

  • A large sky window (with a sliding cover on the bottom to block the light) to provide light for plants.

  • 2 french doors with windows in the back.

  • A Tommy Gate to lift heavy items and use a porch and step.

We plan to remove:

  • The middle seat and back for an emergency exit.

I plan to park the UHaul flush against my house so I can access it from inside the garage which has already been converted into a bedroom which has its own bathroom.

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