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Family Food Security System Step-by-step instructions

connect a dial water timer to a spigot with 60 psi water pressure
program the timer to irrigate the farm for 12 minutes every 12 hours
connect a hose to a 3 or 5 way splitter in the middle of the tent on a plastic milk carton
optional - connect a 20' garden hose with a sprayer to 3 or 4 way splitter
connect two 6' garden hoses to the 3 or 5 way splitter
connect the two 8-Way Sprinkler Manifolds to the Y-splitter
find flat 20' x 20' piece of land that receives sunlight
cut 48 of the 3/4" 10' pipes into 4' lengths
connect the 1/4" drip line through the 16 7' PVC pipes
don't attach the 7' 3/4" PVC pipe to the 4' lengths of of 3/4" PVC pipe yet
connect the 5-way PVC connectors to the 4' lengths to create the bottom section
use a level to make sure the structure will be level both ways
lay the grid on ground and move 4 inches to one side
dig a 2" trench to bury the bottom level grid of pipes
move the bottom assembly into the 2" deep ditches
connect the 16 7' 3/4" pipes to the bottom connector
cut 10' of 2" PVC pipe into 16 2' lengths and put over 3/4" pipe
cut a hole in the middle of the bottom of the 16 20 gallon fabric pots, fill them with dirt
drop the 2' 1 1/2" pipe on top of the 16 7' 3/4" PVC pipe
stack 3 Mr. Stacky planters
cut 10' of 2" PVC pipe into 16 1
stack 2 Mr. Stacky planters
Feed the 1/4" hose through the bottom 5-way connectors and the 7' 3/4" pipes
lay out 100' roll of weed blocker fabric, overlap by 1', cut 20' sections until the 20' x 20' floor is covered.
staple galvanized metal into the weed blocker fabric into the ground
put plastic clothes size measure on top of PVC pipes to stabilize the stacked planters
insert seeds, seedlings, or plants; in the 20 gallon planters
fill each planter with 20% perlite, 5% vermiculture, 5% potter's mix, 70% coconut coir, 1% water crystals, one level of planters at a time
insert seeds, seedlings, or plants; one level of planters at a time down into the 7' PVC pipe
cut the excess 1/4" hose for each tower
attach the sprinkler head so it is suspended above each of the pipes, use sealant putty to keep the sprinkler head from falling back
attach the four 8' x 20' 40% shade cloths on the tent, keep one end open for the entrance/exit
optional-connect 1 or 2 misting sprayers in the middle of the tent weed barrier cloth to protect wood
optional-hang planters on the top metal rail
optional-setup 4 plastic workhouse benches and four 10' x 2' x 12" wood planks to support seedling trays, supplies-cover with excess


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