I am a loyal and reliable person.


Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.

Colin Powell

With loyalty being a top priority, reliability is second nature to me. I'm devoted to helping those in my life and strive for excellence when it comes giving them the best of me. Trusting others as much as they trust you isn't easy, but if one can stay true to their commitments - both spoken or unspoken - then that bond will only grow stronger with time! My word is worth something and people respect that; because once given, it's never broken. It gives us all peace-of-mind knowing we have someone dependable on our side through any situation.

I strive to be the most dependable and dedicated person around. I recognize that being accountable for my actions is essential, so no matter what's on my plate, I make sure it gets done in a timely manner - from home life to work obligations! As far as loyalty goes, those close to me know they can trust me with their secrets and count on me when things get tough. Today marks the day where I take initiative like never before and show everyone just how strong of an individual – both personally and professionally – that I am!

My inner circle is made up of the most dependable people I can count on, and they contribute a lot to my life. On the flip side, there are certain people that don't come through when needed - but thankfully aren’t in too deep! To be a rock for others like many do for me requires actions such as self-discipline and dedication; it's time to take my relationships with those who matter seriously by walking away from any habits hindering their development.

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