Accountability equals dependability.


“God does not begin by asking our ability, only our availability, and if we prove our dependability, He will increase our capability.

Neal A. Maxwell

Being accountable is rarely easy. It requires strength, courage, and perseverance. When we accept responsibility for our mistakes, we are taking ownership of our lives and the choices that have been made. We must have faith in our abilities to make change, to learn from our missteps and to be better for it. We demonstrate integrity and courage by being honest with ourselves and those around us. Our reliability gives us credibility, inspiring others to trust us with important decisions when necessary. We may not always get it right, but through accountability we equip ourselves with the tools needed to succeed under any circumstance. Owning up to our faults brings a feeling of empowerment because we take control of our destiny—one step at a time.

Accepting responsibility has many positive benefits. People look to us for guidance, knowing that we are reliable and trustworthy. We have the power to positively influence those around us in their own journey towards being accountable. Being responsible when we make mistakes takes courage and integrity; these traits are inspiring to others and help set an example for them. We must also be aware of the adverse effects that come with failing to take responsibility. Of course, this goes far beyond just owning up to our mistakes; it involves seeing each mistake as an opportunity for growth and learning from it in order to become better people.


Dependability is rooted deep within,
It's a trait I take pride in.
A steadfast source of trust and courage,
Facing whatever comes with assurance.

My ability to stay true and honest,
No matter what’s thrown in my path.
Responsibility guides me through tough times,
Living with integrity as I traverse life’s lines.

Trust is my foundation, it’s how I stand tall,
Knowing that my actions affect us all.
I lead by example through word and deed,
Dependability gives me the courage to succeed.

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