I embrace Faith, Hope, and Charity.


“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.

Thomas Aquinas

Hoping to lift peoples spirits and create a more sustainable peace, I'm learning that faith, hope charity are essential components of modern life. It is amazing to me how many positive quotes have emerged from wise teachers urging us not be blinded by the negativity around us; instead we should live with joy in our hearts knowing there's still beauty all around! As such, my goal continues: To empower any soul struggling through their toughest times while encouraging others join together on this journey towards global harmony.

Reflecting on acts of charity encourages the growth of faith and hope within oneself. We are all connected by our shared struggles, providing comfort that even in times of adversity we can stand united to fight for greater causes than ourselves. When love is restored as home deep inside one’s core, hate has no room to be expressed or linger; thus allowing us a renewed appreciation for life itself—One day at a time!


Generosity is a gesture of goodwill,
A philanthropic effort to bridge the hole.
Where people are living in poverty still,
Charity can help change their life and soul.
It builds bridges across cultural divides,
Creating understanding from obliviousness;

Though many minds believe they should abide

By laws that favor selfishness over kindness.

In order for our society to thrive

We must remember charity as part of it's plight--

Doing good with an open heart so alive:

To bring comfort on dark days into light!

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