I embrace Faith, Hope, and Charity.


“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.

Thomas Aquinas

I am learning to embrace more Faith, Hope and Charity. I realize I could have more faith in the unknown. I am learning to trust myself and my abilities to navigate the unknown future.

I am also learning to have more hope. I recognize that the world needs more hope right now. I am in the process of increasing my ability to have a hopeful future. I am a light and a guide of hope for others too.

I am embracing charity. I am accepting charity as well as extending kindness to others. I am aware that we are all in this soup together, so we might as well get along.

I am studying the masters of faith. I read ancient texts for answers. I allow faith to well up inside me. I feel faith swell in my heart.

I am researching modern masters of hope. I find great quotes on the internet. I follow modern wisdom teachers and start practicing hope in my heart.

I start to notice all the charitable acts of service going on right now. I accept when the door is opened for me. I notice when others let me into traffic. I do charitable acts of service to my community.

When I combine Faith, Hope and Charity, my world becomes sweeter. When I practice these acts of service, my world is blessed.

Today, I am grateful for the faith in humanity that I have developed. I am happy that hope has returned home to my heart. And I am honored to be able to perform random acts of charity in my world. I am blessed.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I develop more Faith?
2. How can I develop more Hope?
3. What acts of Charity can I perform this week?

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